Take advantage of our many years of experience in manufacturing coating equipment and providing surface finishing solutions for a variety of industries, we are a dependable one-stop source for turnkey coating line solutions.

Glass Roller Coating & Drying Line
Other Coating & Finishing Equipment
    1. Reciprocating Spray Machine
    2. Reciprocating Spray Machine The reciprocating spray coating machine is engineered for high-quality, large-scale, and continuous automatic painting. It's an ideal solution for flat and side coating of various board-like workpieces. Learn More
    1. Linear Spray Machine
    2. Linear Spray Machine The linear spray coating machine is designed for continuous surface spraying of linear workpieces such as door frames, skirting boards, blinds, PVC profiles, and plastic-steel profiles. Learn More
    1. Curtain Coating
    2. Curtain Coating Curtain coaters are used for primer or topcoat curtain coating of various flat panel types, such as furniture, cabinet panels, ceramic wall and floor tiles, solid wood composite floors, flat wooden doors and bamboo wood curtains, and give each product a glossy, mirror-like coating effect. Learn More